Scuba Diving Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica With Rocket Frog Divers

Scuba diving in Playa Flamingo is best done with Rocket Frog Divers. Rocket Frog Divers is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre which has been operating in Costa Rica since 2011. With the opening of the dive shop in Flamingo, we are now offering two fantastic scuba diving locations on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for our customers to enjoy.

The Best Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

We are happy to be able offer our customers scuba diving in three of the best areas in Costa Rica. Our location is very close to the Catalina Islands. The Catalina’s are known for large schools of fish and most impressively are often visited by Pacific Giant Manta. We also organize regular trips to the Bat Islands. The Bat Islands is a protected marine area, which allows for an abundance of marine life and is best known for the encounters with Bull Sharks at Big Scare. Finally, diving in the Gulf de Papagayo always offers something new to see. Whether it is schools of eagle rays, octopus, clown shrimp, or some reef sharks the Papagayo has it for you. Please read more about each of these areas below.

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Scuba Diving The Catalina’s

The Catalina’s is the closest diving region to our location at Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. The Catalina Islands are best known for their encounters with the Giant Pacific Manta. The mantas can be present at the Catalina’s year round, however are most commonly seen from late December until early May, coinciding with the dry season in Costa Rica.

Dive Conditions of the Catalina’s

The diving conditions in the Catalina’s (along with the Bat Islands and the Gulf de Papagayo), vary from day to day. The visibility can range from 80feet on a nice day to 15 feet on a poor day and can change with seemingly no reason or notice. Sometimes you will find thermoclines on the dives so we usually encourage our customers to wear 3mm full wet suits.

Marine life to be seen when scuba diving from Flamingo, Costa Rica

In addition to the manta rays our divers can expect to see large schools of several species of fish. It is also very possible to see white tipped reef sharks, several species of rays, octopus, turtles, many different morays, sea snakes, and much more!

Scuba Diving The Bat Islands, Costa Rica

Scuba diving in the Bat Islands is best done with Rocket Frog Divers. We are the number one ranked dive shop in Costa Rica and we are the only dive shop who offers trips to the Bat Islands year round. Our ribbed inflatable boat, “The Pacific Express” makes the crossing to the Bat Islands in only 45-50 minutes, which is less than half the time of other dive boats. The Bat Islands is best known for the encounters with the Bull Sharks at the dive site “Big Scare.”

Dive Conditions At the Bat Islands

The conditions at the Bat Islands vary by day and due to the currents as well as the surge which can be present, we consider this an advanced dive location not suitable for new divers. The visibility varies greatly, with good days reaching 80-100 feet with the visibility on poor days getting down to 15-20 feet. The temperature also varies. Generally it is warmer during the green season, June until November, then during the dry season. We always suggest a 3mm full suit to our customers are there can also be fairly strong thermoclines.

Marine Life of the Bat Islands

Located off the coast of Santa Rosa National Park, the Bat Islands diving area is located within a protected marine area in Costa Rica. This is quite evident when you enter the water at the dive sites as the size of the schools of fish is unmatched in comparison to other dive locales. Along with the aforementioned bull sharks, you may find huge schools of mobular or cow nosed rays which on occasion has reached into the thousands. Schools of eagle rays which can be several dozen. Schools of jacks, spade fish, tuna, and much more that you won’t find in sizes that you won’t find in other areas. The Bat Islands offers incredible diving, just 45 minutes from our shop!

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