Becoming a rescue diver allows you not only to be much more safe yourself in the water, but also prepares you very well in the event that a dive buddy or partner were to have any sort of problem while diving.

After completing our rescue diver course you will feel incredibly comfortable and know what it would take to save a fellow diver if the situation ever arose. This course offers all kinds of scenarios that could possibly play out in the water and prepares you for each. People always feel more comfortable when they know they are diving with a rescue diver. Not only does it give them comfort, it brings you comfort knowing that you are prepared to help out in the case of an accident.

The course also is the last course you will need before becoming a divemaster. So if you are thinking about making a career in the scuba diving industry, this course is for you.


  • 4 or more days is best


  • $475 Complete Course
  • $390 If ELearning completed


  • All original PADI Course Materials
  • PADI Certification Fees
  • Classroom sessions with PADI Certified Instructor
  • Pool Sessions with PADI Certified Instructor
  • Full Set Of Equipment Rental
  • 4 Open Water Training Dives